Versatility Tip from Sue Runyon

Having an item or several that can be used for several different things is essential in reducing the amount of items needed to be packed.

Pack a lightweight shawl/pashmina.  This is a great item to include in your carry on.  It does not weigh a lot, can be folded or rolled up to a small size, and has a lot of wonderful uses.

Use this as a blanket on the plane.
Use as a shoulder/head cover for indoors (like churches, religious locations) that require such.
Use as a cover for the beach/pool

Use it as a cover for the cooler evenings.
Use it as an evening wear accessory by draping around your neck

Best of all, you have a secret weapon to cover yourself when you spill on your clothes or get drooled on by your baby.

Use as a nursing cover.

If you are okay with placing pins in it, pin it to the shade cover of a stroller to give full protection for your child without having to purchase one of those huge stroller covers.  We got pins from the hotel in Disney that stated "1st Visit" and we used them to pin a receiving blanket to the shade cover to keep our 3 month old fully protected from the sun and cooler.  It worked great!! 

Photos are courtesy of Sue Runyon, as is the concept of this tip.  Please visit her Shop and Blog for wonderful jewelry and loads of tips on a lot of great topics.

Thank you Sue!!


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