For The Tea Drinkers

Are you not a coffee fan?  Do you prefer tea?  Have you ever travelled to find the hotel doesn't offer complimentary tea with the coffee supplies?  And you didn't want to buy a box of tea bags just for a cup of tea?  Been somewhere that didn't have the right kind of tea or any that you actually liked?

Here is a cute, stylish way to solve that problem.  These are small and make finding your tea easy to find in your purse, book bag, suitcase, and the like.  Even better, they make for a quick, small thank you gift if in a jam.

Ready to Ship Tea Favors
(custom orders welcomed!)

An original design and concept by KristynsKards (aka yours truly).  These can be found in my other Etsy Shop - KristynsKards   (link -

My Loss, Your Gain

This year, I am ignoring my birthday - okay for the most part anyhow.  Instead, I want to celebrate my fans, customers, followers, and new/old friends.  You make each day special and exciting. 

As my thank you, I am holding a giveaway today!

What's up for grabs?

Grand Prize:  Aromatherapy Eye Pillow.  Winner selects from my current availability in my Etsy Shop (link -- )

1st: Prize:  Regular Eye Mask.  Winner selects from my current availability in my Etsy Shop  (link -- )

2nd Prize:  An Aromatherapy Sachet.  I will select the fabric/scent for your surprise gift!

How To Enter - choose which ones you would like or do them all for the most entries:

1.  If you are not a fan of my facebook page, 'Like' my page and leave a comment here that you have done so.   (link - )

2.  Recommend your favorite blogs, facebook fan pages, and twitters by commenting below.  You will get an additional entry if I like at least 1 of your recommendations.

3.  Post about the giveaway on your social media sites, and leave me a comment that you have done so.

4.  Post a comment about what you would like to see on my facebook fan page.  I need your suggestions!

That is a total of 4 possible entries!!


1. I will create an excel spreadsheet and assign each person a number.  If you have multiple entries, you will have a number assigned for each entry.
2. Number assignments will be done chronological per comments received to the best of my ability.
3. I will use an online random number generator to select the winners. 
4.  One person could potentially win all 3 items.  However, I will generate a new winner if the same entry number is drawn a second or third time.  Winning number has to be a different entry number for each drawing.


Small Sleep Aid

Do you have trouble sleeping when away from home and the comfort of your own bed?

Did you know that Lavender Essential Oil is known to aid in sleep, relaxation, and has a soothing affect?

Try placing a lavender aromatherapy sachet under the pillows or on the night stand (if under the pillow is too strong in scent).

I have these in my shop:  Lavender Aromatherapy Sachets

Lightweight and small, which is ideal when packing for travel.

Since my version has flax seed, you can pop these in the freezer or microwave to act as a booboo bag for kids, a heating pad or cold pack on small localized areas.

When looking for this type of product, please make sure organic Essential Oils are used and not just Fragrance Oil (which does not have the same affect).

Versatility Tip from Sue Runyon

Having an item or several that can be used for several different things is essential in reducing the amount of items needed to be packed.

Pack a lightweight shawl/pashmina.  This is a great item to include in your carry on.  It does not weigh a lot, can be folded or rolled up to a small size, and has a lot of wonderful uses.

Use this as a blanket on the plane.
Use as a shoulder/head cover for indoors (like churches, religious locations) that require such.
Use as a cover for the beach/pool

Use it as a cover for the cooler evenings.
Use it as an evening wear accessory by draping around your neck

Best of all, you have a secret weapon to cover yourself when you spill on your clothes or get drooled on by your baby.

Use as a nursing cover.

If you are okay with placing pins in it, pin it to the shade cover of a stroller to give full protection for your child without having to purchase one of those huge stroller covers.  We got pins from the hotel in Disney that stated "1st Visit" and we used them to pin a receiving blanket to the shade cover to keep our 3 month old fully protected from the sun and cooler.  It worked great!! 

Photos are courtesy of Sue Runyon, as is the concept of this tip.  Please visit her Shop and Blog for wonderful jewelry and loads of tips on a lot of great topics.

Thank you Sue!!

Welcome to Humbled to Travel


I am Kristin, owner of KristynsKreations.  I have been creating fabric eye masks for just over 2 years now. My business has changed a lot in those 2 years, and I am currently in the process of revamping and expanding again.

My recent family trip created a lot of new things about my shop and the new direction I want to take it this year.

The first step: I will be removing all the crochet items that are made by my grandmother from my etsy shop. You can find these items on clearance HERE

The second step: Rethinking the theme of the shop.  Which will now focus mainly items to aid in creating the best travel and sleep experience possible.

The third step:  Creating this blog to tie the theme of the shop together and give you insider tips of travel experiences of others.

I consider myself an avid traveler/mover.  I had lived in the same house from the age of 5 to 18, with barely ever traveling outside of a small single day road trip.  From 18 to 19, I moved in and out of college 6 times.  From 19 to now (ripe age of 32), I have moved 12 times - not sure if I forgot any of those moves! And that does not include vacation trips and the overseas work travel I have done.  To boot, I married a US Marine - who came with a baggage of traveling of his own and the proper training to fit 100 pounds of stuff into a 20 pound bag.  In fact, we packed for 2 adults, a 3 yr old, and a 3 month old for our recent trip to Disney and had 1 large checked luggage and 3 small carry on bags.  He is real darn good!  Wish I had taken a photo of that luggage after he packed it.

The final step:  Creating and adding new product lines to my etsy shop.  Now that I will be getting back into my normal routine, I will be introducing new products as soon as I can.  There are several in the design phase, just working a few kinks out and testing, and then I can start producing final products.

I hope you will find this blog useful, and if you have tips/tricks of your own - please let me know!